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Bring It In

Fill out the registration form on the following page, then visit a park-district facility (except for the Administrative Building, and Stony Creek) to complete the process.

Mail It In

Complete the registration form, and mail it to one of the park facilities (excluding the Administrative Building). Remember to include proof of residency (if you are a resident) and make checks payable to the Oak Lawn Park District.

Fax It In

Faxed registrations are accepted on a limited basis at all facilities, except for Stony Creek and the Administrative Building. A faxed form does not guarantee registration. A fax is date- and time-stamped and processed according to regular procedure. Faxes are not accepted during priority registration periods, prior to or on the first day of resident registration or on the day of trip registration. Faxes must include proof of residency, a credit-card number, expiration date, three digit code on back of card, and card type in order to be processed. The park district is not responsible for faxed forms that are received incomplete. Faxed forms cannot be accepted for adult athletic leagues.

Impact of the $15 Minimum Wage Act

Please be aware that our philosophy is to keep our programs and facilities as affordable as possible.  However, in February of this year, the State of Illinois increased the $8.25 minimum wage to $15 by 2025.  This is an 82% increase. This unfunded mandate will impact the Oak Lawn Park District drastically since we hire over 400 seasonal employees annually at less than $15 per hour.  Most of these 
employees are high school and college students from Oak Lawn. 

Unfortunately this law will require us to increase our program fees and cut program offerings in order to maintain our budget. If each of those employees had only $1 added to their hourly rate, the District would incur an additional $122,000 in wages in 2020. By 2025, the District will incur an additional $691,000 in payroll expense annually plus $53,000 in payroll taxes. 

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